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March 2017 Meetings
 March 24, 2017 9am Finance Committee Meeting
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 March 24, 2017 10am Regular Board Meeting
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Kauai Water Use and Development Plan Update
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Fiscal Year Budget DOW Annual Report 2016 Fiscal Year Budget


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Press Releases

EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 1, 2017 - Aloha DOW Customers! The DOW will soon offer new E-billing services that will allow our customers to view, pay and manage their bills online. To prepare our system for this change, we will not be accepting any new applications for Automatic Bill Payments and Electronic Bills starting February 1, 2017, until our new E-billing website is available. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 808-245-5442. We look forward to better serving you through our new E-billing website in the near future. Mahalo!

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Water Emergency Preparedness

Click Here to learn more about how to prepare your household water supply for a natural disaster.

Water Outage / Construction Zones
Locate Construction Zones and Water Outages around the Island
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2017 CIP Project List

Progress Report on Water Plan 2020


Introduction / Table of Contents

100 Planning
200 Materials
300 Construction
400 Approved Materials List and Standards Details


2005 Amendments

2008 Amendments


Kids Fun

Activities for the kids, including:
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Access to Water Service Applications and Engineering Forms.

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Get the latest tips for indoor and outdoor conservation.

Read about Xeriscape and it can save you water.

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"Water On Request Only"

"Water On Request Only"
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