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Free Water Conservation Fixtures


Free Fixtures

Water Conservation

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Leaks and Detection

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Conservation Tips (PDF)

Free Low Flow Fixtures!



To help our customers conserve more water and money, the Department of Water is offering free low flow fixtures.



To receive these low flow fixtures, please fill out our Low Flow Fixture Data Form.  This form needs to be filled out and turned in to the Department.  Bring the completed form to the Department of Water and turn it into the Public Relations Specialist of the Administration Division.



If you have any questions regarding the fixtures, please call the Public Relations Specialist at (808) 245-5461. 


The Low Flow Fixture Data Form is in the Adobe PDF format.  It requires the Adobe Reader in order to open the file.  If you don't have the Adobe Reader click on the Adobe icon below.  This will take you to the Adobe website where you can download it for free.



This format requires the Acrobat Reader from Adobe.


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