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Frequently Asked Questions



Water Sources (WS)

Anahola WS

Anini WS

Haena-Wainiha WS

Hanalei WS

Hanapepe-Eleele WS

Kalaheo WS

Kilauea WS

Koloa-Poipu WS

Lawai-Omao WS

Lihue-Hanamaulu WS

Puhi WS

Wailua-Kapaa WS

Kekaha-Waimea WS






Where does my water come from?


Your water comes from ground water (underground) sources.  Rain that falls in the mountain filters through the ground into formations called aquifers. Wells are drilled into these formations and the water is pumped out. These formations can also be found in the mountains (still considered ground water). Tunnels are constructed to tap these sources. 


The quality of groundwater is very good and requires no treatment except for disinfection (as opposed to surface water sources that require filtration and stronger disinfection).



The water supply for the Kalaheo-Koloa water system comes from the following sources:


Kalaheo Area:

              Kalaheo Deepwell A

              Kalaheo Deepwell B


Lawa'i-Oma'o Area:

             Lawa'i Well No. 1

             Lawa'i Well No. 2

            Piwai Wells No. 2 & 3


Koloa-Po'ipu Area:

          Koloa Wells 16-A & 16-B

          Koloa Wells C, D, E & F


All of the water is chlorinated and pumped into the distribution system or stored in the following tanks:


Kalaheo Area

            Kalaheo Nursery

            100,000 gallon tank


            Kalaheo Clear Well Storage Tank

            300,000 gallon tank


            Kalaheo 908 Tank

            500,000 gallon tank


            Kukuilono #1

            250,000 gallon tank


            Kukuilono #2

            200,000 gallon tank

            Kakela Maikai
            200,000 gallon tank


Lawa'i-Oma'o Area:

          Andrade Tank

          30,000 gallon tank



          250,000 gallon tank



         100,000 gallon tank


Koloa-Po'ipu Area:


          1,000,000 gallon tank


          Koloa (Pa'anao Tank)

          250,000 gallon tank



          1,500,000 gallon tanks @ 2 each


          Paanau No. 2

          500,000 gallon tank


          Oma'o Tank

         500,000 gallon tank

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